Moon Picture

MOON From the ‘Gods of England’ series by Thorskegga Thorn

Thorskegga has started a series of paintings depicting the gods worshipped by the Anglo-Saxon and Norse settlers in England. The pale lilac colour is silver on the original but our scanner can’t cope with it.

For an explanation of the symbolism, the lady is Bil, a goddess recorded in the Norse Eddas who corresponds to Jill in the English nursery rhyme ‘Jack and Jill went up the Hill’. The Scandinavia version of the story says that two children were stolen by the moon while fetching water. The marks on the moon are the children carrying their bucket between them, hence the bucket in the painting.

In the Norse myths Moon (Mani) is the son of Mundilfari a name meaning ‘the one moving according to particular times’ surely refering to the phases of the moon, and is probably another name for Mani himself. The corner designs are based on the runic calenders again refering to the passage of time.

Picking a sacred plant for Moon was difficult, but the seed head of the dandelion seems appropriate with its moon like appearance and connection with time in children’s games.

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